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Family Law

Family law covers a wide range of legal options that address challenges in marriages and the issues surrounding children. Family law includes everything from divorce, separation and same sex partnerships to child support, custody, abuse and more. As Phoenix-based family law attorneys, we are here to help you through these difficult circumstances.  Our approach is to start with a clear understanding of your goals, and then to build a strategy together that gives you the best chance for success.                                                                                                               


We are living in tumultuous economic times, and more than ever people are finding themselves in situations where they have to engage in debt negotiation and even file for bankruptcy. These decisions are never easy and many of our clients come to us feeling upset and confused. The good news is that bankruptcy laws can provide you with a path through this difficult situation. But like any legal process, there are pitfalls along the way and competent legal counsel is critical to achieving the best possible result.                                                                                                                      


Estate Planning

Simply put, an estate plan allows you to determine the proper disposition of everything you own should you become incapacitated or die.  This can include not only money, but vehicles, real estate, business interests, life insurance proceeds, personal possessions and other assets.  Estate planning can also formalize your medical directives. As Phoenix based estate planning attorneys, we are able to work with you to review the unique circumstances of your estate and help you put a plan and legal documents together that will assure your assets are protected and your wishes are followed.




"I had the pleasure of working with Lou Parker. I never had to wait for answers to my questions. I either received an email or a phone call from either Lou or is paralegal, Jennifer. It took me longer than most to pay my fee, but they never gave up on me! I would definitely recommend this firm and I am very pleased with all of the help they provided and continue to provide. You will not feel like just another client when you walk through their doors. There is a comforting warmth that you are greeted with and they take care of everything. You will know what to expect and you will be kept abreast of what is happening with your case. " -- Arizona Smiles    

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"Scheduled a call with Lou to help me on a matter and I couldn't be more impressed.  Lou was extremely helpful, unbelievably competent on the facts of the matter, realistic about expectations and was just a guy you want to do business with.  Unfortunately, my matter ended up being out of Lou's jurisdiction, but that didn't stop Lou from being helpful.  Lou continued giving me help and advice just as if he was going to take on my matter and get paid.  Lou is a class act that I would be honored to do business with him.  I HIGHLY recommend that you give Lou and his team a call.  Theresa was very helpful and professional setting things us as well!" -- Tj G.

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